Led Zeppelin touts warned: eBay tickets not getting in

  • List.co.uk
  • 5 October 2007

Ticket promoter Harvey Goldsmith has warned Led Zeppelin fans who buy tickets for the group’s one-off reunion gig on eBay they will not get in to the gig.

Just hours after successful applicants were notified they had been selected from 25 million hopefuls, pass codes for tickets started appearing on the online auction site for as much as £1,000.

Goldsmith raged that fans trying to get in with their ill gotten gains will lose a lot of money.

“They will get stuffed as they will absolutely not get into the concert,” he said.

“That is a 100 per cent guarantee.

“I am very disappointed that it has come to this.

“A lot of genuine fans will be missing out because some people just want to make money. eBay are allowing these transactions to happen.

“I want to make it very clear that anybody that buys a ticket or passcode
from eBay will not get into the venue.”

He added that all three bits of identification are required for a wristband to the concert, with ticket holders expected to present valid ID.

Any attempts to purchase tickets on someone else’s passcode will lead to their cancellation. Those tickets will be re-allocated in second draw.

The concert on November 26 will be the first time Led Zeppelin has performed in almost 20 years.

The band has already quashed rumours that they will go on to tour.

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