Charlatans offer free downloads to boost following

  • 5 October 2007

Alan McGee, the mastermind behind Britpop success stories Oasis and the Charlatans, has launched plans to allow singles and albums to be download for free.

McGee had the idea when negotiating a distribution deal for the Charlatans.

He rejected the deal offered by record label Sanctuary and instead came to an arrangement with the music station XFM.

The group’s new single You Cross my Path will now be offered free via the station’s website.

“I thought, ‘well nobody buys CDs anyway’. If you talk to a 19-year-old kid, they don’t buy CDs. In eastern Europe, nobody buys a CD – everything is digitally downloaded from the internet for nothing.

“I came to the conclusion, ‘Why don’t we just give it away for nothing’.”

He said he felt the band couldn’t lose.

“More people will get into the Charlatans and will probably pay the money to see the show. I presume it will double the gig traffic, maybe even treble it.”

The Charlatans plan to tour in November, coinciding with the single’s release on October 22.

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