Thousands travel to Bolivia for World Che Festival

  • 5 October 2007

A pilgrimage to the spot where Che Guevara was executed 40 years ago has seen tens of thousands of students, tourists and revolutionaries travel to the Bolivian jungle.

The journey marks the start of the five-day World Che Festival, where participants from around the world trek four hours to light a fire at La Higuera in Ville Grande.

It will mark the spot where Che was executed at the age of 39 as he attempted to push the revolution further afield, after leaving Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

The area has become a tourist attraction, with Che’s finals days mapped out by a 180-mile area in central Bolivia.

The festival will include music, film, art and even a football tournament in which revellers compete for the Che cup.

Organiser Daniela Torrico said of Che: “He is like a saint to us because he fought for the Campesino people and he died for his ideals.”

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