Dennis the Menace back after 10 years

  • 5 October 2007

Dennis the Menace is making his return to television after a 10-year hiatus – but, in this politically correct age, the naughty schoolboy will no longer be punished by a smack from his dad’s slipper.

The modern-day version of the rascal and his faithful friend Gnasher will even include an appearance on a daytime chat show with his mum.

Benjamin Gray, executive manager of DC Thomson - publisher of the Beano - said: “The storylines are very much influenced by what is going on in the UK now, just as they always have been.

“Quite a lot has changed over the years. Children now grow up in a world of reality TV, downloads and iPods.

“We have to take account of that and reflect what kids get up to but things won’t change too much because that unique Dennis charm will still be there.”

The series will hit TV screens in autumn 2009.

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