Lauren Branning hits the bottle

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  • 14 June 2013
Lauren Branning hits the bottle

Lauren Branning hits the bottle

Lauren Branning's drinking will spiral out of control on 'EastEnders'

Lauren Branning's drinking will spiral out of control on 'EastEnders'.

The troubled teen - portrayed by actress Jacqueline Jossa on the BBC One soap - will provoke a blazing row when her booze habit starts to affect her family, leaving her future hanging in the balance as her mother Tanya Branning kicks her out of the house.

Lauren first began hitting the bottle in 2012 when her mum was diagnosed with cancer and she discovered her father Max's infidelity, but her upcoming scenes will see her reach new levels of desperation and her turning on her sister Abi.

A source told the MailOnline: "Abi and Lauren find themselves spending the day together however, desperate to get her hands on some alcohol; Lauren sneaks out the back door and buys a bottle of vodka which she disappears down an alleyway to drink.

"When Lauren returns, Abi angrily snatches the bottle and pours the rest down the sink. Livid with her sister, Lauren flies into a rage and destroys Abi's revision notes.

"Tanya is furious, and, fed up with Lauren's destructive behaviour; she tells Lauren that Max and his bit on the side are welcome to her as she throws her out the house slamming the front door closed."

Lauren originally fell off the wagon when jealous Lucy Beale sabotaged her sobriety plan and things have been going from bad to worse for the student.

As she finds her future in Albert Square hanging in the balance, a distraught Lauren is forced to turn to her father and his new wife Kirsty.


1. Alan Gould24 Jun 2013, 12:33pm Report

Things in soaps normally move a bit quicker than in real life but they have cleverly put in a few touches to show that Lauren's problem started quite a while before even the viewers realised.Jacqueline Jossa deserves some praise for portraying Lauren's sadness and desperation with real feeling.

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