Liam Gallagher: 'Beady Eye isn't a good name'

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  • 14 June 2013
Beady Eye

Beady Eye

Liam Gallagher thinks his band Beady Eye have a "s**t" name, and didn't think his former band, Oasis, had a good title either

Liam Gallagher thinks Beady Eye is a "s**t" name for a band.

The group's frontman admits he is not too fond of the group's moniker, nor that of his former band, Oasis - taken from Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre in south west England - nor the majority of other band names in the music industry.

Speaking about Oasis' title, he said: "It was a s**t name, but most band names are s**t. Look at Beady Eye - s**t f***ing name."

As well as seeing it in a leisure centre, Liam and his brother Noel also chose Oasis because it appeared in a number of other places near to them and they thought it made them seem "different" to other groups.

He added: "It wasn't just that [Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre] though. There was shop in the Manchester Arndale Market called Oasis that used to sell cool clothes too, and there was a taxi f***ing rank round the corner called Oasis. It meant that we were out there, because we were different."

Liam has also previously said he wanted to call Beady Eye's second album 'Universal Gleam', but his record company didn't like it, so the band settled on 'BE' instead.

Liam Gallagher

Former Beady Eye front man and the other brother from Oasis.

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Beady Eye

Liam Gallagher and the rest of the Oasis line-up who are not Noel strut their stuff.

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