BGT egg thrower Natalie Holt not sorry for pelting Simon Cowell

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  • 11 June 2013
Natalie Holt hurling eggs on BGT

Natalie Holt hurling eggs on BGT

Natalie Holt insists she is not sorry for interrupting the final of 'Britain's Got Talent' last Saturday (08.06.13) to pelt Simon Cowell with eggs, and says she was making an important protest against his influence in the music industry

Natalie Holt insists she isn't sorry for pelting Simon Cowell with eggs during the live final of 'Britain's Got Talent'.

The viola player interrupted the performance of singers Richard and Adam Johnson during the show on Saturday night (08.06.13) by stepping out of the orchestra and hurling eggs at Cowell which she had been hiding in her tights.

Natalie has apologised to the singing duo for interrupting their song but insists Simon deserved to be splattered with yolk because he has too much control in the music industry.

Writing on The Guardian website, she said: "I planned to do it once the song was finished but I got a bit nervous and went slightly early. I sincerely apologise for overshadowing their moment as well as to anyone watching who felt that their evening's entertainment was marred or even ruined. However, I am not sorry for pelting Simon Cowell with eggs. I think he has too much power and influence in the entertainment industry."

However, the musician - who had been asked to mime playing her instrument on the ITV show - did thank Simon, 53, for not pressing charges against her and has offered to pay the dry cleaning bill for his egg covered jacket and shirt.

Mocking the music mogul's penchant for wearing his shirts with the top three buttons undone, she said: "As an act of goodwill, I'd be happy to offer to pay his dry cleaning bill or buy him a new shirt, maybe with a few more buttons at the top."

Natalie - who got through the first stage of the 'Britain's Got Talent' auditions last year before being dumped - insists her stunt was an important protest against Cowell's TV talent shows, which include 'The X Factor'.

The 30-year-old performer - who studied at the National Film and Television School - believes the format is stopping musicians from developing and that he personally has too much power.

She claimed: "I have received many messages of support from well-known musicians who I've worked with in the past, who've contacted me privately, but who are unwilling to express their support publicly.

"Everyone is scared of standing up to people like Cowell. I don't dislike him personally; I just don't like what he represents. Reality TV talent shows are not the way to discover the next Beatles, or to nurture talented musicians and entertainers."

As a result of Natalie's stunt, security on Cowell's programmes could be increased. One measure put forward is that all performers, crew and audience members will be frisked before entering the studio.

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