Lucy Beaumont on Radio 4 with To Hull and Back (3 stars)

Lucy Beaumont: To Hull and Back

BBC Radio New Comedy Award winner to invade the waves for a late-night one-off

How wonderfully convenient that this half-hour comedy should kick off with a line from the Housemartins’ ‘Caravan of Love’: ‘Every woman, every man / Join the caravan of love / Stand up, stand up, stand up.’ For fellow Hull-born entertainer Lucy Beaumont, her journey into the higher echelons of British stand-up has been speeded up by scooping last year’s BBC Radio New Comedy Award. And now, she gets further exposure with an oddball late-night one-off.

Although not billed as any way fictional, it starts with a minor drama as Beaumont hides away from comedy club owner Johnny Vegas with her caving in to stage fright. Vegas coaxes her out with his typical charm, but of course, there’s little to worry about. Although the club she is appearing at, the New Walton Street Club, is described as ‘infamous’, this lot seem intent on laughing at absolutely anything.

On her home patch, Beaumont has a winning naivety and unreconstructed earthiness that means she can get away with fairly mild stuff about the youth of today, social media and the north/south divide.

More astute are her observations about rubbish names for food, her alternative poetry and a particular circle of hell she finds herself in with the postal system. While Vegas ushers Beaumont onto the stage with a wisdom-laden ‘remember, you can’t hear a smile’, there are no fears at this gig with a crowd which practically grins itself to death.

Radio 4, Tue 18 Jun, 11pm

Lucy Beaumont

New comedy hour from the Yorkshire comedian.