Tina Malone devastated after losing baby

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  • 10 June 2013
Shameless star Tina Malone

Tina Malone

Tina Malone was "devastated" after realising one of her unborn twins had died last week when she went for an ultrasound scan

Tina Malone was "devastated" after realising one of her unborn twins had died.

The 50-year-old actress - who is known for her role as foul-mouthed Mimi Maguire in 'Shameless' - announced last month she was expecting twins with husband Paul Chase after undergoing IVF treatment, but following an ultrasound scan last week, discovered one of her babies hadn't survived past eight weeks.

Writing in her column in the Sunday Mirror newspaper, she said: "I promptly burst into tears at the sight of two sacs and two embryos in my womb. Clinging onto my husband's hand, for a full minute I had twins. But then looking closely, I realised one of the babies was bigger and had a huge, wonderful heartbeat, while the other had no heartbeat at all.

"I was devastated, hysterical. But you've got to realise that things like that happen, and I've got to be grateful. I'm happy, healthy and so thankful for the baby I have growing inside me."

Tina - who was just 17 years old when she had daughter Danielle Malone - is looking forward to finding out the sex of her child in 12 weeks time and is convinced she's having a boy but is in disagreement with Paul, who is 19 years her junior, as he believes the unborn tot will be a girl.

She explains: "We find out our baby's sex in 12 weeks and we can't wait. I'm convinced it's a boy but Paul thinks it's a girl. We shall see. I've been costing up babygros, prams, nursery equipment and all sorts, which is very exciting. And I know there are loads of bargains out there, but I just don't seem to spot them."

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