Footballers slow to cough up after nurses pledge

  • 10 October 2007

Less than a third of the money pledged by Premiership footballers for a nurse hardship fund has been paid.

The May Day for Nurses appeal saw a host of big names take part - including players Thierry Henry and Steven Gerrard, as well as managers Sir Alex Ferguson and Sam Allardyce.

More than £750,000 was pledged by 255 players five months ago, but so far just £200,000 has been received.

Appeal organiser Dr Noreena Hertz has refused to name those hesitant to pay, but said she is confident they will cough up the remaining sum.

‘The campaign was launched right at the end of the football season so the poor Royal College of Nursing then had to go and track down players and clubs during the holidays and when the clubs were touring,’ she said.

Dr Hertz added that they should be given until Christmas to pay.

The cash raised will be used to cover expenses for nurses, such as child care or transport to work.

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