DJ Steven Warwick aka Heatsick discusses his 'club music as sound installation' approach

DJ Steven Warwick aka Heatsick discusses his 'club music as sound installation' approach

Photo: Josephine Pryde

The producer creates vivid, compulsive, danceable grooves with discordant interventions

Speak to your average DJ and you’ll find they usually had two reasons for getting involved with music. For some, their first clubbing experiences were right at the heart of a vibrant scene as it was taking off and they just went with the flow. Steven Warwick (aka Heatsick) is one of the other sort. ‘I started because I lived in a small town with nothing happening,’ says the 31-year-old, who was born in London but grew up in rural Lincolnshire. ‘I’ve been playing guitar since I was ten, then I started playing around with a dictaphone and the cassette recorder on my stereo.’

The latter trick, he says, saw him making musique concrète-style tape loops at the age of 14, even before he knew what they were, and before he was aware that just buying a guitar pedal would do the same job. It’s also not too far from what he does now, creating vivid, compulsive, danceable grooves based on the patterns of classic house music, but with often discordant rhythmic patterns and vocal interventions.

‘I’m very much interested in the transition from ambient music, things like Manuel Gottsching, through to the kind of dance music that we hear in clubs,’ he says from his current home in Berlin. ‘I think I occupy the space in between that. In my mind there have always been references to club music in my music, but to go out to clubs here and see how people experience music, how they listen to it all day, it gives you a different perspective. It’s like club music as sound installation.’

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