Leonidas & Hobbes - Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups EP

Frightened Rabbit - Late March, Death March

(Atlantic) ●●●●
Scotland’s newest famous band return with the latest single from *3Pedestrian Verse*2, a taut folk rocker with a lovely rattling rhythm, some boozy religious imagery and those ‘oh-oh-oh’ harmonies that Bruce Springsteen always used to employ. A lovely song that all their fans will know by now, although the extras are worth it: live versions of ‘December’s Traditions’ and ‘The Oil Slick’, and the understated hymnal of ‘The Architect, a track recorded with Manchester Orchestra and previously only a Record Store Day limited release.

theapplesofenergy - A ghost from a whisper

Harvey McKay - Goodbye

(Soma) ●●●
Long-standing servant of Soma, Glasgow’s Harvey McKay has released an EP containing two tracks - ‘Goodbye’ and ‘The End’. Rather than signalling the demise of the fresh-from-playing RockNess producer’s career though, there’s no need to break out the hankies yet; the label tell us it’s only his first release of the year. (In fact the track titles are more likely to be a reference to McKay’s father, who was sadly dying from cancer as McKay wrote these tracks.) He’s created two deep techno epics here, the first building from an almost dub-style bed of spacey effects to a pounding dancefloor groove and the latter a stomping metronomic beat which builds like a pressure cooker.

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