Crate Digging: Isaac Tichauer

Crate Digging: Isaac Tichauer

The DJ gives a sneak peek in his record crate ahead of his appearance at Gasoline Dance Machine

Edinburgh favourite Gasoline Dance Machine launches in Glasgow this month and to mark the occasion they’re joined by special guest Isaac Tichaur. Here the French Express signee talks us through ‘some tracks I’m loving right now for a whole range of reasons.’

It's really hard to describe Adesse ‘Baayi’ (Prime Numbers) but when it's played at the end of a night it seems to bring a sense a completion. It needs to be heard at 5am to be understood, or maybe that’s just how I found it. The keys mixed with the kind of ‘world’ vocal really makes it stand out and builds a special kind of emotion as the track evolves.

The star of my April mixtape, Cassio Khol ‘Broken’ (Amadeus Records), takes a familiar vocal sample and projects it into a nice space somewhere between garage and house. I love it because it feels big while remaining soft. Cassio Khol actually has a bunch of great tracks so I recommend anyone interested in house to check him out.

Gala ‘Freed From Desire’ (Nitelite Records) is a classic, cheesy crossover track from the 90s that I had completely forgotten about until I heard it played in Leeds by the SetOneTwenty DJs. Still works so well and doesn’t have any terrible 90s relics like bad MCs etc. At the right party it's a risk that pays off.

I just received a promo of Ejeca ‘Rosario’ (Loft Records) and its a winner. It will be played across dancefloors everywhere I have no doubt. High pitched vocals done right, and some vintage progressive energy that will seem fresh to young kids and feel nostalgic to those who have been around a little longer. The whole package that accompanies this track is great.

The cut up R&B vocals are what makes BareSkin ‘Infinite Reflections’ (Hot N Heavy Recordings). You actually can't really understand any of the words but you find yourself singing along anyway as what’s been done with them is incredibly catchy. The arrangement is also great, and makes the track a really nice early set builder.

Gasoline Dance Machine, Saint Jude’s, Glasgow, Sat 15 Jun.

Adesse - Baayi

Cassio Kohl - Broken

GALA - Freed From Desire (Official video)

Ejeca - Rosario

BareSkin - Infinite Reflections

Isaac Tichauer - Runaway

Gasoline Dance Machine

A night of mixed genres and mutant disco at this night from Cheap Picasso and Rob Ralston.

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