Iain Macwhirter - Road To Referendum (4 stars)

Iain Macwhirter - Road To Referendum

The scottish political commentator's book is a vital contribution to the discussion of the country's future


Iain Macwhirter’s Road to Referendum is easily the most accessible piece of writing concerned with the independence debate. Not only one of the shrewdest commentaries on Scottish politics, it is also an important tribute to the country’s history.

With astounding deftness, Macwhirter presents an impressive background of Scotland as it changes throughout the centuries. He carefully outlines the build-up to the Referendum, highlighting how important figures such as Wallace, Thatcher and Salmond have led the Scottish people (albeit in very different ways) to the vote that lies before them in 2014.

This book is an excellent guide to understanding the key issues behind the debate that can sometimes be dangerously obscured by political bias and unchecked sentimentalism from both sides. Although Macwhirter addresses the issue of Scottish independence with a neutral, balanced outlook, his passion and concern for the country’s future is without doubt.

Road To Referendum is a fearless investigation into the heart of Scottish politics, making it a vital contribution to the discussion of the country’s future.

The STV series starts on June 4th.

Iain Macwhirter: The Road to Referendum

The political columnist presents his new book, a companion to the three-part television series of the same name.

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