Robbie Morrison & Jim Murray - Drowntown: Book One (3 stars)

Robbie Morrison & Jim Murray: 'Drowntown: Book One'

Story set in dystopian London with enough intrigue to hook you in for next instalment

(Jonathan Cape)

Scottish comics writer Robbie Morrison got his first big break, like so many great British writers before him, at 2000AD. He co-created Nikolai Dante, Shakara and Shimura (the final one also served as the mainstream debut of artist Frank Quitely), and perhaps unsurprisingly, Drowntown has retained the sly black humour and love of action that British sci-fi periodical is famed for.

Set in a bleak future where London has been flooded and genetically enhanced animals co-habit with humans, our hero is Leo Noiret, a big lug of a bodyguard/private investigator who has been hired to look into his client's mysterious past. This leads him into a world of gangsters, big business and dodgy politicians.

Jim Murray
's gorgeous art is reminiscent in style of a toned-down Simon Bisley, and his attention to detail really brings this grimy, waterlogged world to life. It’s fairly short and Book One doesn't work as a standalone story in its own right (it feels more like the opening chapter of a far bigger narrative), but there's just enough intrigue to hook you in for the next instalment.

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