TV review: Arne Dahl (3 stars)

Arne Dahl

Too much Scandinavian TV drama kills Scandinavian TV drama?

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It’s probably a sign that we’ve just been thoroughly spoilt by the raft of quality TV dramas from Scandinavia that Arne Dahl seems like a slight disappointment. It certainly had all the ingredients to be the next Killing or Bridge: a team of likeable investigators with all their flaws and frailties laid out for us; some initially baffling and unconnected crime scenes laced with gore; a lovely north European dialect (Swedish, this time) oozing a liquid class onto our subtitled screens.

But in comparison to those earlier shows, Arne Dahl’s first season of five murder investigations proves to be a slightly inferior vintage. There’s a fairly unsubtle soundtrack underpinning the action, one or two terrible performances undermine the better acting and some of the case-solving could have been done in less than half an episode. Often the crimes (featuring the nasty likes of paedophiles, serial killers, bent cops, old school Nazis, human traffickers) play second fiddle to the ruptured relationships of absolutely every member of the crack A Unit team, perhaps in realisation that there’s nothing especially original or captivating in the mysteries which unfold.

Arne Dahl : The Blinded Man Part 1- Starts on BBC4 06.04.13


1. BooHoo9 Jun 2013, 9:23pm Report

Maybe your disappointment with Arne Dahl is because you want your drama like Ikea furniture: simple to put together? Perhaps, as Arne Dahl's lead characters have more story lines that the other Scandinavian crime shows, it's heavy work for you?

2. mahamud12 Jul 2013, 9:41am Report

As I missed the part of Arne Dahl part 2 of Europa Blues how am I able to view the last episode.
Is there a CD?
Will you show repeat on BBC 4 or again on Iplayer?
Look forward to anyone who knows.

3. Roger Heygate-Browne11 Jan 2015, 12:15pm Report

Just started watching this 2011 series on Netflix. Why do most of the cast wear those 'funny noses'. Spoils it a bit for me as every time a new character appears I immediately get distracted from the dialogue because of looking at their nose.

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