Jerry Dowds & Redjade Yuan: Circadian Symphony (4 stars)

Jerry Dowds & Redjade Yuan: Circadian Symphony

Glasgow School of Art graduate prize show presents two up-and-coming artists

For the RGI’s Glasgow School of Art graduate prize show, it’s enriching to see a none-more-Glasgow piece of art displayed in the window. Two sheets of bubble wrap hang floor-to-ceiling, certain of their small spherical compartments filled with coloured liquid. It’s Irn-Bru, cherryade, lime cordial and mouthwash, says the detail. There’s an amusing tension to it, the sense of protective sterility afforded by the wrap and the tooth-tingling sugariness of its contents.

Among many other pieces, their creator Jerry Dowds also paints ceramic-finished images of toilets against their elegantly tiled backgrounds, and wistful images of council estates and streets through rain-soaked windows as the grimy and the poignant clash with real resonance.

Redjade Yuan’s work is similarly playful, mining the artist’s memories for nostalgic resonance. This includes the description of a ceremonial procedure in which she soaked a giant handmade teabag in water from the Thames and poured in milk. In Yuan’s Japanese-styled pop art paintings, abstract assemblages of found or possibly personally valuable detritus, and porcelain sculptures of two nipples and a labia, there is a sense of awakening, a tension between innocent memories of youth and the raw experience of adulthood.

RGI Gallery, Glasgow, until Sat 15 Jun

Yuan Zhang and Jerry Dowds

Work from very different painters, both recipients of the Graduate prize at the Glasgow School of Art degree show.