Joey Essex dumps Sam Faiers

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  • 6 June 2013
Joey Essex got emotional while dumping Sam Faiers

Joey Essex got emotional while dumping Sam Faiers

Joey Essex dumped Sam Faiers during an emotional confrontation on 'The Only Way is Marbs' last night (05.06.13) and blasted her for not treating him with "respect"

Joey Essex dumped Sam Faiers on 'The Only Way is Marbs' last night (05.06.13).

Despite getting engaged just over two months ago in Dubai, the couple split after an emotional confrontation which saw Joey slam Sam for not treating him with "respect" during the group 'TOWIE' holiday in Marbella, Spain, before announcing he needs to be apart from the blonde beauty.

Breaking down in tears, Joey said: "This is not working. It's not right. It's not healthy is it? You are the love of my life, Sam. You know that.

"I think the best thing is for me to let you go, Sam. I know you don't [want that] and nor do I. I love you so much. I want you to be happy. I know I don't make you happy."

Sam insisted she didn't want the couple to split and said: "Why are you saying this?"

Joey replied: "I know you don't want it and I don't want it, but I know it's for the best."

Sam then stormed off leaving an emotional Joey sat alone on a poolside sun lounger.

Earlier in the tearful talk, Joey accused Sam of being dishonest with him during their time in Marbella and hit out at her for living "like a single lady" on the holiday.

He said: "I'm so disappointed and upset that we haven't spent any time together.

"You're arguing with me again. You've got to be honest with me, Sam. You went to a boy's house party. Don't lie. You're lying to me. You're not being straight with me, Sam. You've just been going out partying. It isn't all you, Sam, but on this holiday you haven't treated me with respect."

Sam hit back: "I am treating you with respect."

Joey said: "You haven't. You're lying. You're breaking my heart, Sam. You shouldn't be doing that. You aint being honest with me. I've been ringing you the whole holiday. You've been on this holiday like a single lady."

A furious Sam responded: "One mad night I've had. The rest of the time I've gone for dinner and come back home. I'm always upset, you don't see half of it."

Joey hit back: "You're a lot more vicious than me."

Sam said: "Vicious? More like I'm a lot more grown up than you, Joe."

Earlier in 'The Only Way is Essex' Marbella special episode, Joey's cousin Chloe Sims told Joey she wasn't happy with the way Sam treated him.

She said: "You love her because she's a womanly, motherly figure Joe. You're too young to know what love is it.

"You deserve to be happy. I've never met one person who's had a bad word to say about you apart from her."

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