Final Van Gogh painting expected to fetch £17m

  • 9 October 2007

A Van Gogh painting has gone on show in London before being auctioned in New York next month.

Thought to be the artist’s last painting, the vibrant masterpiece The Fields (Wheat Fields) was painted 19 days before Van Gogh’s suicide.

The picture is expected to fetch as much as £17 million due to its history - The Field hung over Van Gogh in his room as he died.

‘Here is a an artist literally on the verge of taking his own life and filled with tremendous despondency, yet he is still painting with lemon yellows, azure blues and emerald greens,’ said David Norman, executive vice-president at Sotheby’s.

‘We know this is a man barely holding on to his will to live, yet he is able to separate his energy and focus on what he sees before him.’

The painting will be sold on 7 November.

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