Dad’s Day event focuses on sharing stories for Father's Day

Dad’s Day event focuses on sharing stories for Father's Day

Tim Portheus invites kids for fun activities and dads for tale crafting lessons at the Scottish Storytelling Centre

As we know, a dad is for all year-round, not just for Father’s Day. But since the gift card industry has foisted the occasion upon us, why not use it to positive effect and celebrate the unique qualities of a good father/child relationship? Storyteller Tim Porteus has been doing that for the past three years, with his annual Dad’s Day event at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Incorporating stories, live music, card-making, face painting and games, this free day (to which mums are also very welcome) features a ‘storydad’ advice session to help fathers make the most of their storytelling talents.

‘Dads are pretty good at telling stories to kids; it’s one of the things that dads tend to do, so it’s happening already,’ says Porteus. ‘But for a lot of guys, telling a story is connected to reading a book at bedtime, and what we mean by storytelling is taking those moments when you’re with your children to craft tales. That could be when you’re stuck in traffic, going for a walk, at meals: anytime.’

But Porteus is keen to point out that it’s not him who is the expert in crafting tales for your child, it’s you. ‘It’s not about me telling dads how to tell stories to their children,’ he says. ‘It’s about harnessing the understanding each father has about his own child; what they like and enjoy, what they find exciting or interesting, then connecting with their child’s creativity and making stories.’

When it comes to subject matters, the possibilities are endless and, as Porteus says, sometimes the best tales come from close to home. ‘There’s nothing a child likes better than to hear stories about what dad did when he was a wee boy, and the things he got up to.’

Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, Sat 15 Jun

Dads' Day

On the eve of Fathers' Day, there's a celebration of all things good about dad in the Storytelling Bothy, including stories, songs, card making, face painting and a pantomime. There are also stalls with information and support for dads and a special time for dads to share storytelling ideas with their children.

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