Profile: Hector Bizerk - Scottish drums and rap duo

Profile: Hector Bizerk - Scottish drums and rap duo

MC Louie on origins, minimalist ethos and rapping in your own accent

‘Drums. Rap. Yes.’ It’s not just Glasgow duo Hector Bizerk’s signature tune, but their mantra too: no hype, no bullshit, just beats, rhymes and positive energy. As they ready their second album, due in September, and prepare for a busy festival summer, MC Louie talks origins, minimalist ethos and why not to be ashamed of rapping in your own accent.

Tell us how you got together

’Audrey is the most creative drummer I have ever seen. We worked together for Impact Arts facilitating a songwriting with kids project in Drumchapel, jammed a few times on our lunch break and eventually wrote a song that became our first single ‘Burst Love’.’

‘Maximum noise using minimum instrumentation’ is another of your mantras -- what’s the thinking there?

’If you tune into acoustic singer-songwriter music, good songs have the strength to capture audiences with merely a good chord progression and tidy melody. We feel that hip-hop can stand out with the same minimalist ethos.’

Scottish rap -- does it get the credit it deserves?

’I think so. There are loads of talented MCs in this country. Check Mog, Mistah Bohze and Erin Friel. Three incredible talents who are completely different.’

What’s your response to people who say you can’t rap in a Scottish accent?

‘Imagine if Robert Burns or Edwin Morgan hadn’t used colloquialisms? Would Irvine Welsh or Ian Rankin novels have the same impact in the Queen’s English? Rap is a reaction to the writer’s surroundings. I’d feel uncomfortable changing my accent or using Americanisms or cringey grime words. Ya get me blud?’

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Scot-hop sounds from Hector Bizerk, a stripped back drum and rap duo. Fun, rhythm-filled times. Or as the band itself so eloquently puts it: 'DRUMS. RAP. YES.'

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