Kodaline 'anxious' about release of debut album

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  • 5 June 2013

Stephen Garrigan, second from right, with Kodaline

Dublin rockers Kodaline admit they are "anxious" about releasing their debut album 'In A Perfect World' later this month as they are worried about how people will react to it

Kodaline are "anxious" about releasing their debut album.

The Dublin rockers are set to release their first ever record, 'In a Perfect World', later this month and while they are proud of the finished piece, the band can't help but worry about how people will react to it.

Frontman Stephen Garrigan said: "The album was finished before Christmas when we closed it and it represents what we feel and who we are at this time. It just felt right because it's like reading back through our diary.

"The album is cool, we really like it, but it's a bit daunting because you hope people like it. It's our first album and we're excited, but a little bit anxious at the same time.

"Not everybody is gonna like it because everybody's got their own taste, but it is a good representation of what we are."

The band - also including Vinny May, Jason Boland and Mark Prendergast - explore different emotions throughout the album, particularly heartbreak, but Stephen wanted to keep their music upbeat despite the melancholy subject.

He added to clickmusic.com: "Well, writing is an opinion like anything else. It's all about positive thinking no matter what you go through. At one point, that was the only choice that I had and I started writing about it.

" 'High Hopes' is one of the oldest songs on the album. I wrote that when I was 20 and I'd just dropped out of college. I sat down to write it and I was writing really f**king depressing verses.

"I thought to myself, 'What the f**k?!' I might as well sit here and try to think positively. There's a positive for every negative. It's sometimes difficult to do, but you've gotta push through that."

'In A Perfect World' it out on June 17.


Epic indie from this young Dublin four-piece.

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