Anatomy #5: No! Anything But THAT!

Anatomy #5: No! Anything But THAT!

Anatomy's fifth night aims at shocking and surprising audiences with variety of risk-taking performances

Anatomy, Edinburgh's quarterly contemporary performance event, returns for a fifth night. This time, the intention is to provoke its audience into screaming out, ‘No! Anything but THAT!’ Based in the old anatomy lecture theatre at Summerhall, the night resurrects the traditions of music hall while using the best in live art and the most unusual performances the organisers can find.

‘We are not trying to beat the audience into submission,’ co-curator Harry Giles insists. ‘What we want to do is surprise people and take them into places that they weren't expecting to go. This looks at the many different things that might make them say: “anything but that!” So we have got some artistic exploration of failure. We have got things that are transgressive, but we are also trying to entertain and love the audience, which might be quite surprising as well.’

With circus, bingo, electronic noise music, dance and burlesque, the night conforms closely to Giles' stated aim of not just bringing art forms together, but also creating an arena where audiences for different genres can meet each other. The acts will not all be of the shock-horror variety, Giles promises, adding that there will be plenty of ‘glorious surprises’ in an evening that aims to be as wild and celebratory as possible

Summerhall, Edinburgh, Fri Jun 14


Variety night with a focus on risk-taking performance from any genre.