Ethan Hawke wants 'crazy fight movie' role

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 June 2013
Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke wants to star in a "crazy fight movie" so he can do martial arts scenes like Jackie Chan

Ethan Hawke wants to do a "crazy fight movie".

The 'Sinister' actor got to dabble in violent sequences for his new horror film 'The Purge', but admits he would love to star in a big martial arts film to really sink his teeth into fight scenes.

He said: "The fun of it was doing the fight scenes in such a domestic environment and imagining those situations, being hunted in your own home. I think all of us can imagine that.

"I secretly would love to do one of those crazy fight movies, where you have to have all this training. I've done just enough, my whole life, that I've always had some training in it, but I wish I was Jackie Chan. Then we could have gotten really crazy, running through the house."

'The Purge' sees all crime, including murder, become legal for 12 hours once a year and Hawke's character must protect his family from the evil that lurks outside their family home.

The actor feels horror films which feature families in peril are so successful because they strike a chord with movie fans' own fears.

He added to "Well, the family in peril trip is kind of obvious, in that it's everybody's biggest fear. There's a moment in the movie where you see the husband and wife loading guns, and he teaches her to take the safety off. It's every parent's worst nightmare."

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