Michelle Keegan 'hated' fake baby bump

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  • 4 June 2013
Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan has revealed she ended up "hating" her fake baby bump towards the end of her 'Coronation Street' character's surrogacy because it was so "uncomfortable"

Michelle Keegan "hated" the fake baby bump she had to wear for 'Coronation Street'.

The actress' Weatherfield alter ego Tina McIntyre recently gave birth to friends Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong's baby after acting as a surrogate for them and Michelle admits she was pleased to eventually be free of the "uncomfortable" tummy prop.

Speaking on ITV show 'This Morning' today (04.06.13), she said: "At the end I hated it! It just got really heavy and I wanted a wee all the time because it was pressing. And in the end I just started waddling ... it was really weird.

"I liked it at the beginning but after a bit, when I turned seven months, that's when it got uncomfortable."

Michelle - who turned 26 on Monday (03.06.13) - turned to her mother for advice on how to portray the pregnancy and birth accurately, and the experience has increased her desire to one day have a baby.

She explained: "My mum just said it really hurt! And I watched a lot of 'One Born Every Minute' ... and I was asking for a lot of advice from women that have had babies and to be fair the stories were all completely different, but I just went with what I felt was right. Did it make me broody? No. But to be fair, no, I've always been broody - which I am - but I'm gonna wait..."

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