Lateysha Grace: The Valleys can 'launch our careers'

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  • 4 June 2013
The Valleys cast

The Valleys cast

'The Valleys' star Lateysha Grace thinks their Valleywood club night - Wales meets Hollywood glamour - will "launch their careers"

'The Valleys' star Lateysha Grace thinks their Valleywood club night will "launch their careers".

The wannabe singer suggested a theme of Hollywood meets Wales for their brand new event and thinks the exciting opportunity at a hotspot could help them achieve their dreams.

Speaking in tonight's (04.06.13) episode, which sees the cast take part in a photo shoot in a muddy field, boss AK tells the group: "Today we're back in the Valleys to shoot the Valleywood poster. It's the Valleys meets Hollywood glamour."

An excited Lateysha replies: "Valleywood night could launch all our careers. It's so important we make ourselves look absolutely stunning."

Aspiring model and ladies man Darren Chidgey jumps at a chance to show off his modelling skills, adding: "I'm determined to show AK I've got what it takes to be a top model."

Busty beauty Jenna Jonathan wants to impress her housemates - particularly Jason Suminski and Leeroy Reed, who she has recently been caught in a love triangle with - and thinks she has what it takes after baring all during a cover shoot for lads magazine Nuts the week earlier.

She quipped: "Valleywood's gonna be huge once the boys see me on the poster. It's a bit weird doing a photo shoot with my clothes on though..."

However, havoc soon breaks out when the boys - also including Jason's twin brother Anthony and DJ Liam Powell - throw Lateysha in the mud, ruining her expensive hair piece.

Covered in dirt, the confident blonde complains: "Who the f**k do those boys think they are?! They pick me up, they throw me in cow s**t, they ruin my weave. I hate them!"

Defending his handywork, Chidgey responds: "Lateysha thinks she's the bee's b******s. It's about time she got brought down to earth. Literally."

'The Valleys' continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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