Reflections of a Fanboy: Ross Clark

Reflections of a Fanboy: Ross Clark

Ross Clark, from Three Blind Wolves, on his musical hero Neil Young

Neil Young was the first artist to inspire me both as a songwriter and as a guitar player. Young’s talents bridge both simple poetic country songs and furious eruptions of sludgy rock, something that I still strive to capture with my own music. I recorded a tribute to his song ‘Thrasher’ with Paul Murphy from Canadian band Wintersleep.

The gateway album for me, as for many, was Harvest a record which to this day still contains my favourite tracks. It reminds me of the beginning of my musical career: I wanted to be able to write songs that were musically appealing and had the lyrical anchor that at any point could come loose and take me to wherever Neil wanted to go.

I have only seen him once, in the Edinburgh Playhouse, with my father, and it was probably my favourite concert of all time. He played a solo set at first and after a break he came out with his band including the late Ben Keith and the remaining members of the Harvest band and played one of the biggest-sounding sets I have ever experienced. It was loud! This time my dad and I will be joined with my fellow bandmate Davie and his father: I'm sure it won't disappoint. Especially as this time it’s with the legendary Crazy Horse.

Three Blind Wolves’ Sing Hallelujah for the Old Machine is out now on Instinctive Racoon.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

The Canadian troubadour/guitar god par excellence returns in the company of his trusty band Crazy Horse.