Graffiti cleaners do away with exhibition art

  • 8 October 2007

A former member of 1990s bands The KLF and The Orb has seen an advertisement for his current art exhibition in Brighton scrubbed off the wall by the local council’s graffiti team.

James Cauty used white emulsion paint to advertise his exhibition ‘The Rize and Fall of the Portslade Massif’ ahead of its opening night at the Ink-d gallery.

The scrawl ‘Portslade Massif’ was later scrubbed off – which the cleaners claim was a genuine mistake.

But gallery studio director Dan Hipkin said he believed the problem was with the nature of the exhibition, which features gang culture.

'Brighton and Hove City Council, like anywhere, has problems with graffiti gangs but this is private property and my problems with the cleaning crew doing this is more about freedom of expression.

'Who holds the right to say what is and what isn’t a form of expression?'

Hipkin did concede that the fact the windows had been papered over ahead of the opening night could have been misconstrued.

The artist responsible for the artwork, James Cauty, is best remembered for once burning £1 million of the royalties earned by KLF along with former band member Bill Drummond.

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