Olly Murs inspired by Enimen for Dear Darlin'

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  • 4 June 2013
Olly Murs

Olly Murs

Olly Murs was inspired by Eminem's track 'Stan' while writing his latest single 'Dear Darlin', with the lyrics being formed as a letter to a loved one

Olly Murs was inspired by Eminem for his song 'Dear Darlin'.

The 29-year-old singer took influence from the rapper's 2000 track 'Stan' when writing his latest single and tried to put across the idea of the lyrics representing words being read from a love note.

Speaking to 4music.com, Olly said: "I always remembered the idea of Marshall Mathers and Eminem when he did Stan. And it was sort of that kind of writing a letter isn't it. 'Thank you Stan... ' He was just writing a letter and that was one of the sort of ideas we had for this song. We said, 'the song should be called 'Dear Darlin' and it should be the start of writing a letter, that would be so cool'."

The Essex-born star wanted listeners to be equally inspired to pen a letter after listening to the track rather than using modern-day technology and admits he use to express his feelings in a similar way when he was younger.

He added: "The song can be interpreted whatever way you want, you know losing someone is very, very hard or someone that's left you and gone with someone else who you loved and cared about.

"This song was sort of a way of showing people that you don't necessarily have to text or tweet or Facebook... the old school way of doing things is writing letters. I use to write letters to my ex-girlfriends telling them how much I loved them or how much I cared about them so this is that way of doing it."

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