Top 5 most outlandish potential Timelords

Top 5 most outlandish potential Timelords

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With Matt Smith set to leave Doctor Who, we imagine who could fill his shoes

Following the news that Matt Smith it set to leave Doctor Who, speculation has been rife about who’ll battle the Daleks next. Idris Elba, David Harewood and Ashley Walters have all been touted as possiblities for a first black Doctor, while Helen Mirren, Olivia Colman and Fiona O'Shaughnessy have been punted as the TARDIS' first female owner (which opens up a whole other can of worms as to who a male companion could be). Of course, what none of this rampant speculation takes into account is the fact that the best Doctors of recent years have been relative unknowns prior to picking up the sonic screwdriver, so in all likelihood it’ll be someone we’ve little or no knowledge of... but that’s less fun that plucking famous names out of the air based on our own preferences, so let’s do more of that.

Kevin Spacey

Come on, it’s not that out there, is it? He’s already racked up experience as a (maybe) interdimensional other-worldly being (as Prot in 2001’s K-PAX), as well as scoring a wry sci-fi hit more recently as the voice of robot GERTY in Duncan JonesMoon. Plus, since 2003, he’s become more familiar with British sensibilities in his role as Artistic Director at The Old Vic theatre in London – and a theatrical background may serve him as well as it previously served the likes of Tennant and Smith. On an additional note, Smith appeared in a theatre production of Swimming with Sharks in 2007, but even we admit that’s getting a bit tenuous.

Snoop Dogg

No stranger to a spot of emergency regeneration (having recently re-christened himself Snoop Lion), the Doggfather is also a big fan of British TV – he previously launched a(n unsuccessful) campaign to have a guest slot on Coronation Street. You could argue that his past associations with drugs and pimping would be at odds with a family-centric show like Doctor Who, but what with his support of kids’ sports activities (via the SYFL, or Snoop Youth Football League), we reckon the dee-oh-double-gee has turned over a new leaf. And we don’t mean that as an oblique reference to anything.

Kate Middleton

The Daily Mail would verily wet its pants, would it not? But just think, K-Mizz has yet to show some real moxie aside from shaking a few hands and being a target for unwelcome and invasive tabloid attention - wouldn't a project like this show us that she's actually got something to offer beyond being a Royal incubation unit and wearing silly hats? Plus, ever since the Queen appeared alongside James Bond in Danny Boyle's Olympic ceremony, doing a spot of telly work is totally the done thing for the British nobility.

A chimpanzee

There’s been some speculation about how the next Doctor might diverge from the white male standard, but if the BBC really want to showcase their commitment to diversity, they could use one of their most beloved shows as a vehicle for their first non-human lead actor. If any of the PG Tips family are still working in showbiz, it’d be lovely to see them return to our screens, but depending on what comes up in auditions we’d be happy with an unknown at this point.

Keith Lemon

Umm... let’s stick with the chimp, shall we?

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