Michael Douglas: Matt Damon kiss was tender

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  • 3 June 2013
Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Cannes

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon

Michael Douglas says his 'Behind The Candelabra' co-star Matt Damon was a tender kisser when they locked lips in the Liberace biopic

Michael Douglas says Matt Damon is a tender kisser.

The pair filmed gay sex scenes for 'Behind The Candelabra' and the 68-year-old actor admitted he enjoyed locking lips - even if the 'Promised Land' star joked he imagined Michael's wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The 'Wall Street' star told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's Event magazine: "Matt says when he kissed me, he thought of Catherine. She was very pleased by that ... I thought of Matt.

"There was a tenderness about him. The way he kissed."

Michael commended his co-star, calling him "brave" for taking on the risqué role at the "prime" of his success.

He explained: "When Steven [Soderbergh, the film's director] told me Matt wanted to play Scott I thought, 'Wow, that's brave'. It's my time to do what I want, but he is Mr. 'Bourne Identity', in the prime of his leading-man career.

"Matt's in a group of really impressive - Brad [Pitt], George [Clooney], Matt and Ben [Affleck] - willing to take chances. It surprised me - in a good way."

He also revealed Matt became "too obsessed" with body waxing for the role.

He joked: "Matt got a bit too obsessed - thee was one point I was getting worried about him."

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