Suzanne Egerton - Out Late With Friends And Regrets (3 stars)

Suzanne Egerton - Out Late With Friends And Regrets

Effortlessly funny and uplifting story about a woman's fight for her independece

(Paddy’s Daddy Publishing)

Suzanne Egerton’s debut is charming and effortlessly funny. She brings her characters to life in such a distinctive way that readers will love rooting for them in their triumphs and heartaches because they remind us so much of ourselves.

The novel follows Fiona Hays, a woman who has missed out in life. Married too young to a man who controlled her every thought, she finds herself friendless and alienated from what family she has left after he dies.

Then she meets Ellie, who encourages Fiona to reinvent herself and embrace her second chance at life. In this new lifestyle, 'Finn' discovers she is gay, marking the beginning of a confident new woman. She starts enjoying life in a way she never thought she could, finally feeling confident and comfortable in her own skin. Then, the notes start appearing…

Egerton writes straight from the heart, which is ultimately what makes this novel so enjoyable. Out Late With Friends is an uplifting story about a woman’s fight for her independence. It is also a tribute to those friends who refuse to let us sink.

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