Courtney Love still guarding Nirvana rights

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  • 30 May 2013
Courtney Love

Courtney Love

Courtney Love sees herself as the only person preventing Nirvana's music being used for a "jukebox musical" or her late husband Kurt Cobain's image appearing in commercials

Courtney Love is preventing Nirvana's music being used for a "jukebox musical."

The 'Doll Parts' singer - widow of grunge band's late songwriter Kurt Cobain, and shareholder in the rights to the band's back catalogue - sees herself as the only person stopping the group's songs being used in commercials, or for a musical stage production like Green Day's 'American Idiot' or Queen's 'We Will Rock You'.

She told Bust magazine: "Somebody has to guard the gates of this thing. "Because you know what would happen? The second I sell [the rights], it becomes a jukebox musical, makes a billion dollars, and you've got jazz hands on Broadway.

"Or [Kurt will] be in Gatorade commercials. I will never sell the f***ing stakes I have in it, because no one else will bother protecting him."

Courtney, 48, also thinks some of the people who try to start relationships with her are only really after the rights to the Nirvana catalogue.

She said: "I haven't slept with a musician in ages. I go for the safe business guys, and then they see [the Nirvana publishing rights] and they go, 'Boing! You should sell that s**t!'"

Courtney is also working on a new solo record, the follow up to 2010's 'Nobody's Daughter', and planning the release of two tracks.

She added: "I have two excellent songs, and I have two new really good songs, and I'd rather just release the two excellent songs, like an old-school single.

"The first song, 'Wedding Day,' is impeccably great as a slab of really raw rock with an insane hook. The second song is called 'California'. "I've written 'Malibu,' 'Pacific Coast Highway,' and 'Sunset Strip,' so if I want to call something 'California,' it had better be good."

Courtney Love

Grunge rock from the frontwoman of alt. rock band Hole as she embarks on her UK tour.

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