Ed Sheeran out of place at the Billboard Awards

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  • 29 May 2013
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran felt out of place at the Billboard awards because he got the dress code wrong

Ed Sheeran felt out of place at the Billboard Awards.

The 'Give Me Love' singer performed at the US award show earlier this month, but didn't feel comfortable after mistaking the dress code, as well as being one of the few non-American attendees.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I was told it was casual, and I turned up in a jumper. Everyone was in a suit, and I was like, 'Well, this sucks!' I had a good time at the after-party. I just don't really fit in, and I was the only British guy there as well."

Ed, 22, is in the US supporting his friend Taylor Swift, 23, on her RED Tour, and has defended her from critics who think she shouldn't write songs about her famous ex-boyfriends.

He to website Hollywood Life he said: "I think you sing about what you know. There's nothing worse than singing a song that has no relevance to you, and all the songs she's singing have a deep relevance to her. They're all personal."

Taylor also recently said she enjoyed her friend's performance at the Billboard Awards the most.

She said: "I loved Ed Sheeran's performance because I get to see him move crowds with just an acoustic guitar and his voice every night on tour, and to watch him do that on a nationally televised scale made me so happy."

Ed Sheeran

Folky rapping singer-songwriter on the block, mooning over girls and stuff, such as on the big hit 'The A-Team'.

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