Leeroy Reed would quit The Valleys for music

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  • 28 May 2013
Leeroy Reed

Leeroy Reed

'The Valleys' star Leeroy Reed insists music is "more important" to him than the MTV reality show, and while he would be keen to remain on the programme until it ends, he would quit the series if he had to make a straight choice between the two

Leeroy Reed would quit 'The Valleys' to further his music career.

The aspiring rapper - who signed a multi-single record deal earlier this year - insists music is his main "priority" in life, but admits he is in no rush to leave the MTV reality show and would be keen to stay even if he becomes a "major" figure in the industry.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "My music is more important to me, that's my priority. The day I got given the choice ... here's your record deal, you've got to work on your music and pursue your music or you just come and still be in 'The Valleys', then I clearly would just pursue my music.

"But at the same time I don't want to leave 'The Valleys' because without 'The Valleys' I wouldn't be where I am now. So I'm going to stay in 'The Valleys' for as long as I possibly can. Hopefully till the end. Even if I do become a major rapper and successful, I'd still like to be part of 'The Valleys'."

Leeroy's co-star Jenna Jonathan might be pleased to hear he is keen to remain on the show as in tonight's (28.05.13) episode she reveals she "can't stop" thinking about him, despite romantic interest from co-star Jason Suminski.

She says: "If I sleep in the cwtch with Jason, I know he'll try and bang me and I can't stop thinking about Leeroy."

Due to Jenna's reluctance to get jiggy with Jason, the buff hunk takes matters into his own hands and puts his manhood in a pot of instant noodles.

Natalee Harris adds: "My God, Jason is that horny he just put his d**k in a pot of instant noodles."

Jason's twin Anthony says: "Jesus, bro, food f***ing? Even I wouldn't do that!"

'The Valleys' continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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