Moira Stuart says bye to the beeb after 30 years

  • 4 October 2007

Veteran newsreader Moira Stuart has announced that she is to leave the BBC after more than 30 years with the corporation.

The 58-year-old, who was the first black female newsreader on television, declined to give any reasons for her departure but it follows claims that the BBC has shown prejudice against older women.

When Stuart lost her Sunday AM slot six months ago, fellow media bigwigs Jeremy Paxman and John Humphrys demanded she be reinstated, accusing the BBC of age discrimination.

Director general Mark Thompson defended the decision at the time, claiming the role of the traditional newsreader was simply changing.

The BBC said that Stuart, who was awarded an OBE six years ago, decided to leave to pursue other projects.

Her representative, Sue Ayton confirmed this, adding: “I think she is just pleased that things have been resolved.

“At some point she may talk about what’s happened, but not now.”

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