The Voice coaches get swearing ban

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  • 27 May 2013
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The Voice mentors

Producers are reportedly nervous 'The Voice' mentors will swear on TV and have warned them to mind their language during the live shows

'The Voice' coaches have been warned to watch their language.

Producers are allegedly worried mentors Jessie J, Danny O'Donaghue, and Sir Tom Jones will slip up and unleash their potty mouths during the live shows, after they had to cut out expletive-filled scenes from the pre-recorded episodes of the BBC singing competition.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "The coaches have been repeatedly asked to watch their language, as the 'The Voice' is a family show and a lot of children do watch.

"But sometimes they get so involved that they forget to censor their language and swear words slip out. It is causing headache for producers and it could cause a real problem on the live shows."

One memorable scene on this Saturday's episode (25.05.13) saw The Script frontman Danny call a "f**king idot", with Will later quipping, "What the f**k?"

The show insider added: "We have aired a few choice words from Danny and Will in particular, but there are many more outbursts we had to cut.

"The worry is that with the live shows we won't have that control".

The programme has recently come under fire with accusations of fixing and rumours Danny and Jessie J had done a deal for him to "steal" contestant Alex Buchanan.

However, the Irish singer scoffed at the claims, saying the BBC is so "transparent" and strict there is no way he could fix the outcome - even if he wanted to.

Danny told The Daily Mirror newspaper: "I can't walk down a corridor during the blind auditions. If one person is seen by a coach before the blind auditions, they don't get to go on the show. There's segregation between us. It's so not a fix. They don't allow us to see them.

"Even if I don't know they're a singer, the fact I laid eyes on them means they're off the show. It's crazy. That's what you have to do - it's the BBC."

Despite ratings dropping to just 5.9 million this weekend, 'The Voice' has already been renewed for a third season.

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