Billie Faiers' stroppy teenage years

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  • 23 May 2013
Billie and Sam Faiers

Billie and Sam Faiers launching Lil-Lets' 'Becoming A Teen' campaign

Billie Faiers used to have "mood swings" and was a "bad stroppy teenager" during her younger years, so much so her sister and co-star Sam Faiers used to call her Kevin after comedian Harry Enfield's temperamental alter-ego Kevin the Teenager

Billie Faiers used to be so stroppy when she was younger her family nicknamed her after a Harry Enfield character.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star had "mood swings" and was a "bad stroppy teenager" while going through puberty, so her sister and co-star Sam Faiers used to call her Kevin after the comedian's temperamental alter-ego Kevin the Teenager, who was rude to his parents and claimed everything was "so unfair".

Billie, 23, said: "Now I'm a lot more chilled out. When I was younger I use to have mood swings, I used to be a really bad stroppy teenager. My mum used to be, 'Oh my God.' "

Sam added: "We used to call her Kevin."

But Sam, 22, was the opposite to her sister in that she is much more moody nowadays compared to when she was younger, which leaves her fiance Joey Essex running for cover.

Speaking on a video to launch Lil-Lets' 'Becoming A Teen' campaign - which aims to help, reassure and educate young girls on the issues they face when going into and throughout their teenage years - she said: "I didn't use to have mood swings when I was younger, I just got on with it every day.

"All this has happened for me later in life. So now I'm moody, snappy, so Joey just keeps far away from me."

To see a video of Sam and Billie talking about how they managed relationships while growing up, visit: and to see them chat about body changes, visit:

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