Burning Beaches, The Recks, Khushi and Velvet Stream to play ListLive in London

Burning Beaches, The Recks, Khushi and Velvet Stream to play ListLive in London

Khushi frontman Kalim Khushi Patel.

The event is the first in a series of London gigs hosted by The List and promoters All Night Long

The List's first London-based live music event is only a week away, and we're pretty darn excited. With ListLive, we aim to embrace any genre of music as long as it's good, and for our debut outing in the UK capital, we've assembled four bands spanning a range of styles, from blues-rock to 80s pop to shizo-folk to indie-pop. We think they all sound amazing, but then we would say that, wouldn't we?

Here's a profile of each of the bands you can look forward to seeing at The List's first London showcase, as well as a sample of their music so you can judge for yourself.

Burning Beaches

Something of a Camden supergroup, Burning Beaches is comprised of folks who have variously played with The Holloways, Gilkicker and Planes. With only a handful of gigs to their name and two tracks on their Soundcloud page, they've managed to pick up a fair degree of hype already, but what matters most to us is that the music they make is phenomenal. Listen to the driving bass riff at the start of 'Wo'man' and tell us you don't agree.

The Recks

Describing themselves as the 'kings of schizophrenic folk', there's something of a pick'n'mix nature to The Recks' sound - there's some gyspy swing, some Balkan skiffle rhythms, a smattering of surf-rock jangle and the odd splash of scatty bebop. And that's just in the song we've chosen to showcase here. If any band is guaranteed to get the crowd's feet moving at ListLive, it's these guys.


If you're a fan of glistening, shimmering indie-pop - and let's face it, you should be - Khushi are all set to be your new favourite band. Melding beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies that switch between reflective and propulsive, they're a timely reminder that pop music has the capability to conceal real depth and soul beneath the lightest of surfaces.

Velvet Stream

There's something distinctly 1980s about Velvet Stream's 'Don't Believe in Love', and not in a bad way - the rigid backbeats and so-familiar-you-swear-you-already-know-them melodies recall the highly polished girl-pop of Kim Wilde and Altered Images. Their other tunes have a more summery, acoustic attitude, but there's still a hint of delicious nostalgia and well-crafted pop perfection to everything they do.


Bust out your best moves guys, cos The List is taking over the country with our tiptop monthly nights. ListLive showcases some of the very best up-and-coming and established musical talent from the city and beyond. Prepare yourself for a regular injection of multi-genred artists with a different theme each time.

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