Swim Deep take friends on tour

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  • 22 May 2013
Swim Deep

Swim Deep

Swim Deep always take their friends on tour, so their shows never end up seeming like work and they always have people outside of the band to talk to

Swim Deep always take their friends on tour so it never seems like work.

The 'Honey' band recruit their closest pals to be their road crew, so they always have people outside the band they can turn to for advice.

Singer Austin Williams told BANG Showbiz: "We just have loads of fun on tour because our friend Mike has started doing guitar tech and stuff. It's really good.

"I think you've got to take your friends on tour otherwise it seems a bit like you're just with the band. If you're just with the four people in your band it can get a bit s****y. When you have other people it feels like you're a group of friends going on holiday, it separates that barrier between work and fun."

While the band - which also includes Tom Higgins, Zachary Robinson and Cavan McCarthy - like to party when they perform live, Austin says he's planning to cut down before shows to ensure he's always on good form.

He added: "I try to take it a bit more professionally recently, but it's really hard to do. We all like drinking, but maybe we need to stop soon. You can kind of lose your voice if you're not careful. And you're on tour because of your music, not to drink. You just have to look after yourself."

Swim Deep will be performing live on The Music Room, exclusively on Xbox 360 on May 29th.

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