Derby Shorts (5 stars)

Derby Shorts

Collaborative anthology on roller derby will make you want to get your skates on

Whether you’re new to roller derby, a wannabe rollergirl or a force to be reckoned with on eight wheels, there can be no finer companion to the beautiful game than the new collaborative anthology from For Books’ Sake and the London Roller Girls.

Derby Shorts presents a smorgasbord of delectable derby-themed short fiction. Skating between the highs and lows of love, lust and green-eyed monsters, relationships are forged and destroyed both on and off the track. Rules, hearts and bones are broken as each story offers a fresh and original spin on the rockin’ rollin’ theme.

Between each slice of succinct literary fiction, the genre pieces really shine: hardboiled detective fiction, horror, dystopian fiction and a quirky Austen-esque opener add flavour and creativity to an anthology packed with edgy, memorable characters.

Written by rollergirls, referees, fans and upcoming writers from around the world, this is an essential read for roller derby fans and short story lovers alike. At the end of each story, it feels as though the lead jammer has just tapped her hips and called off the jam earlier than expected, leaving this fan hungry for more.

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