Sarah Beeny wants Dolly Parton renovation

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  • 22 May 2013
Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny wants to renovate country and western legend Dolly Parton's house because she thinks her abode would be "completely mad"

Sarah Beeny wants to renovate Dolly Parton's house.

The 'Property Ladder' presenter would love to get her hands on the country and western legend's abode to give it a touch up, even though she hasn't seen it, but she thinks the inside of the property would be "completely mad".

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think I'd like to go for Dolly Parton's house. I think that would be amazing to renovate.

"I haven't seen her house but I imagine it would be mad, completely mad. It would be amazing, so yeah I think that would be kind of cool!"

While Sarah - who has been married to business partner Graham Swift since 2003 - would like to get her hands on Dolly's home, she recently admitted she would love to date 'Mock the Week' comedian Dara O'Briain if she was single.

She said: "I think all the guys on 'Mock of the Week' are absolutely brilliant, I am slightly obsessed with the show. So it would be Dara O'Briain I think.

"Or Russell Brand is it? No, it's Russell, the cheeky blonde guy? Russell Howard, that's the one!"

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