Fans flood Radiohead site for new album

  • 3 October 2007

Radiohead fans flocked to the band’s official website in their droves after it was announced their new album would only be available as a download.

It was also revealed that fans can pay what they like for the download, with the ensuing rush causing the site to crash on Monday.

The group’s seventh album entitled ‘In Rainbows’ will be released on October 10.

Although it can be bought for as little as 1p, there is also a special edition ‘discbox’ for £40, which includes two CDs, two records and artwork and photos.

The band’s spokesman Murray Chalmers said the number of people logging on to the site to pre-order the album had caused the site to collapse.

Radiohead fans in the UK had logged on when the announcement was made, followed by US east coast fans before the west coast logged on.

Chalmers said: “Although the idea is that you can decide what you want to pay, most people are deciding on a normal retail price with very few trying to buy it for a penny.”

He added that the site’s initial problems had since been ironed out.


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