Alison Steadman: life stops at 35 on TV

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  • 21 May 2013
Alison Steadman

Alison Steadman

Alison Steadman is upset life appears to stop at 35 on TV and hopes to redress the balance with her next role in 'Love And Marriage', in which she stars as a woman in her 60s

Alison Steadman has bemoaned the lack of TV roles for older people.

The 66-year-old star has landed a role as a 60-year-old lollipop lady in new ITV comedy drama 'Love And Marriage', and is glad to be in a show which focuses on people after their middle age.

She told The Sun newspaper: "Recently it has seemed like life stopped at 35 in everything on TV or films. No one carried on living until 70 or 80.

"It's nice that people have suddenly said, 'Do you know what? People do have interesting lives beyond 35 and it is important to chart that.' "

In her latest role, Alison's character turns 60 and walks out on a husband who has taken her for granted, and she hopes that when viewers see the show it will act as a wake-up call and make them work on their relationships.

The 'Gavin and Stacey' actress added: "When I was at school there was one girl whose parents were divorced. And it was shocking - we felt really sorry for her. Now it's the norm.

"Perhaps we don't put as much value on it as we did.

"There could be people watching this who see it as a wake-up call. They might think, 'This might happen, I'd better bring her a bunch of flowers.' Or say thank you for that dinner instead of eating it and saying, 'I'm off to bed.'

"It might make couples think they shouldn't take each other for granted."

'Love And Marriage', which also stars Duncan Preston, Graeme Hawley and Larry Lamb, will air later this summer.

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