Spencer Mathews expects Millie departure

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  • 20 May 2013
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Mathews

Spencer Mathews expects Millie Mackintosh to be the next big star to leave 'Made in Chelsea' when she ties the knot with fiance Professor Green

Spencer Mathews expects Millie Mackintosh to leave 'Made in Chelsea' soon.

The lothario - who was slapped by the brunette beauty at the end of the last series of the E4 show after he admitted cheating on his then-girlfriend Louise Thompson - thinks it will be "very difficult" for Millie to remain on the programme after she ties the knot with fiance Professor Green.

He told BANG Showbiz: "Who will be the first to leave? Probably Millie. That's not to say I want her off the show, I think she's very entertaining.

"Millie is about to get married and have a very different life. She'll probably have kids. It's going to be very difficult for her to be in and around 'Made in Chelsea' with all that going on."

Despite regularly clashing with Millie on 'Made in Chelsea', Spencer admits it would be a "shame" if she left the show and insists he would be prepared to settle his differences with her if she made the first move.

Speaking at the Annual Fifi UK Fragrance Awards 2013 in London, he added: "I don't think either of us want to rush to become friends, it's not like we miss the olden days, but, yeah, if she held out an olive branch I would take it.

"She's a very beautiful girl and she's very popular amongst the public so it would be a shame to see her leave.

"Millie and I have never really filmed together, when it is we usually do a quick bickering scene and then we're off.

"Most of the cast will be at the wedding, but I don't think I will be!"

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