Heather Graham wants sexual equality in Hollywood

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  • 20 May 2013
Heather Graham

Heather Graham

Heather Graham has spoken out about the inequality in Hollywood when it comes to a lack of "freedom" for women to express their sexuality

Heather Graham wants women to have more "freedom to express" their sexuality in Hollywood.

The 'Hangover Part III' star admitted the "mixed messages" sent out about female attitudes "fascinates" her and has been a driving force between her choosing racier roles.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday newspaper's You magazine, she said: "The issue of sexuality fascinates me because our culture sends out mixed messages to women about sex.

"Are women supposed to be sexually alive people, or are we supposed to be 'good' mothers who would never do these [sexual] things? To be honest, I think it's all about the sexual repression of women.

"Women don't have the same amount of freedom to express that side of themselves in films or in life. I like the fact that some of my roles maybe help people open up their minds in the way they think about sex."

Despite her saucy acting roles - including her turn in 'The Hangover' as stripper and single mother Jade - Graham claimed she is still "kind of shy" in her own private life.

She insisted: "You know, it's interesting that I've played these sexual characters, because I'm kind of shy. I have an open personality, but I am not a crazy exhibitionist.

"When I go to topless beaches I always keep my top on. In my personal life, I'm not that wild. I've been a serial monogamist with periods of being single in between."

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