Blue slam Eurovision judges

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  • 17 May 2013


Blue have slammed the Eurovision Song Contest judges for being "too political", and insists the language barrier was also partly to blame for them only reaching 11th position at the 2011 event

Blue have slammed the Eurovision Song Contest judges for being "too political".

The reformed group still feel hurt following 2011's 'Eurovision Song Contest' when they finished 11th with their entry 'I Can', and while band member Antony Costa wasn't too pleased with the result, he admits the event was a "huge platform" for the 'One Love' hitmakers.

He said: "Eurovision is always quite political and unfortunately the politics do tend to get in the way of the music.

"In the public vote we did reach a high placement but the judge's vote brought us down. We don't have any regrets in doing the Eurovision as it was a huge platform for us and we got to represent the UK!"

Lee Ryan struggled with the language barrier at the event in Dusseldorf, Germany, and felt not being able to speak to the other contestants hampered the band's success.

He said: "I was irritated and disappointed with myself because I never knew how to speak every language in Europe so I could communicate with the other contestants who couldn't speak English."

However, the experience hasn't put the band off from watching the show and they are ready to back this year's UK entry Bonnie Tyler.

Duncan James said: "She is representing the country and we know she will smash it!"

Blue are not the only people frustrated about the Eurovision Song Contest's politics, as research from Kenco Millicano has revealed more than half of Brits find voting favouritism between countries the biggest annoyance of the night.

Those who get frustrated during the event can enjoy a cup of Kenco Millicano and play a Eurovision game on the Kenco Millicano Twitter page, @KencoCup.

The 'Eurovision Song Contest 2013' airs on BBC One on Saturday night at 8pm.


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