P. Diddy creates humorous Downton Abbey spoof video

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  • 17 May 2013
Sean Combs

P. Diddy

P. Diddy has left viewers in stitches of laughter after posting a spoof video of 'Downton Abbey' onto website Funny or Die, in which he claims to be the first ever black character in the drama

P. Diddy has created a spoof video dedicated to 'Downton Abbey'.

The American rapper left fans and bosses of the award-winning period drama in tears of laughter after posting a short online sketch entitled 'Down-Town Abbey', in which he appears to join the cast during various scenes.

Diddy - whose real name is Sean Combs - introduces the video, streamed by website Funny or Die.

Speaking to the camera, the musician and actor says: "Hello everyone. This is Sean Combs coming to you live from my office with some very, very, very exciting news. It's about my favourite show of all time, 'Down-Town Abbey'. Yes I am an Abbey-head, proudly. Yes, yes, yes."

After explaining he is first black character to be cast in the programme, the titles then begin and Diddy is seen walking into the iconic building to introduce himself to the characters as Lord Wolcott, the new owner of the home.

Surrounded by regulars including Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) and Dowager Violet (Dame Maggie Smith), the 43-year-old star continues to act out more memorable moments.

One particularly humorous scene sees the rap star hit on by butler Thomas (Rob James-Collier), to which he recoils and exclaims: "What's wrong with you? God, have you lost yourself man? I can't love you. Not when I love Sybil, and Mary, and Mrs. Patmore."

Fans have taken to Twitter in a frenzy and some were convinced his account had been hacked when he began sharing his obsession with the British show and claiming he was to star in it.

In one of his tweets, thanking the cast, he wrote: "It was lovely to work with u all! @Carmichelle @hughbon @ElizabethMcGov @Allenleech @lesley_nicol #DowntonDiddy (sic)"

Dozens of stars have also commented on his joke and shared the video, including 'X Factor' judge Nicole Scherzinger.

She tweeted: "Check out my boy @iamdiddy in DOWN-TOWN Abbey...this is so Hilarious -> #downtondiddy (sic)"

Producers of the show are over the moon the A-list celebrity took the time to create the short video.

A spokesperson for 'Downton' told The Sun newspaper: "We are thrilled Diddy is such a fan and would certainly welcome him to visit Downton Abbey."

Puff Daddy

Hip hop and rap by the New York-based Sean Combs.

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