Five reason to love... David Shrigley

Five reason to love... David Shrigley

The 2013 Turner judges praise his ‘macabre intelligence and infinite jest’ - here's why we love him

He’s a homeboy at heart
In an interview with The List in 2010, Shrigley spoke of his love of the Dear Green Place: ‘I moved to Glasgow as a teenager, and I’ve lived here more than half my life now. I don’t consider Leicester, where I’m originally from, as home anymore. Glasgow is my home.’

He loves a good tune
Shriggers directed the video for Blur’s ‘Good Song’ in 2003 [watch below]. The single didn’t exactly storm the charts but our Dave’s slightly crazed animated video makes it worth the punt.

He’s done the film thing too
The pontificating polymath co-directed black and white 7-minute short Who Am I And What I Want with film director Chris Shepherd, in 2005, based on his book of the same name.

The Yanks love him
Well, American pop rocker Jason Mraz certainly does. He pinched the album name We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things from one of Shrigley’s works.

Musical anyone?
We were a bit nervous when we heard Dave was planning to write sort-of-opera Pass the Spoon but his Ready Steady Cook-cum-Terry And June romp was a hit. He’s a man of many talents.

Blur - Good Song

Who I Am and What I Want, David Shrigley