Stooshe credit 'closeness' for success

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  • 16 May 2013
Stooshe at the vInspired awards


Stooshe believe the "closeness" of their friendship is the reason behind their success, crediting their intimate bond for making performing enjoyable

Stooshe credit their "closeness" for their success.

The singing trio - formed of Courtney Rumbold, Karis Anderson and Alexandra Buggs - believe their intimate friendship is what can take them to the top, and the reason behind why they "enjoy" performing together so much.

Courtney, 23, told the Daily Star newspaper: "We hope our closeness will be the secret to our success. You can see if people don't get along.

"In order for this to work, and to enjoy what you do, you've got to enjoy it with the people around you."

Karis, 23, chimed in: "People see we're a unit. You can't break us up."

The girls recently released their new single 'Slip', taken from upcoming album 'London With The Lights On', and they decided to join in the current "dance craze" by creating a unique routine for fans to jig along to while listening to the track.

Courtney said: " 'Slip' is fun, an upbeat Mowtown track which is like the old Stooshe - and it's got a dance routine you can do."

Referring to South Korean pop star PSY and his iconic moves to hits 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman', Karis added: "I wouldn't try to knock PSY out of the way as I think the backlash would be too much, but we can join him with a new dance craze."

Rather than stick to one particular genre of music on their new album, Stooshe made sure each song stood out from the other.

Karis explained: "We have a ballad, 'Fly Again', which is just us and a piano with really nice harmonies. 'Put The Kettle On' is proper British."

'London With The Lights On' is out on May 27.

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